Here at Myrspoven, we are continuously innovating, adding new functionality and features. It’s time to reorganize our product portfolio, to introduce a new naming structure, and this to make room for some new exciting new solutions. Going forward, our core offering, the AI engine will be known as myCoreAI.

myCoreAI is our state-of-the-art energy management and optimisation solution for over 1000 buildings (and counting!) and is at the heart of what we do at Myrspoven. myCoreAI optimizes energy consumption whilst keeping a steady indoor climate, saving money, energy, as well as the planet. 

Following the same structure as myCoreAI our future products will also start with the family name  “my”, followed by a name describing what they do. Next product in line is myLoadShift, which is a product currently in the piloting phase, and we plan to launch it broadly during the first half of 2023.

myLoadShift can optimize the building based on the electricity spot prices looking 48 hrs ahead in time. Adding myLoadShift to myCoreAI will optimize your building, not only by consumption but also with regards to cost by shifting the load to when prices are favorable. myCoreAI together with myLoadShift will know the thermal inertia of the building and therefore be able to shift the load, but still maintain a comfortable indoor climate. This both saves money, as well as contributes to lowering the need for electricity when the demand is high. With myLoadShift, the real estate industry can be part of the solution to the energy capacity issues we currently face.

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