Myrspoven creates the potential for significant energy savings by using AI for continuous micro-adjustments to a building’s existing HVAC system. The result is a software solution that uniquely optimizes the operation of buildings by reducing CO2 emissions, operating costs, and increasing property value.

The unstable situation in the world has resulted in energy prices skyrocketing, and the prognosis looks bleak for our Swedish property owners as winter approaches. Using Myrspoven’s services helps property owners to buy energy when it is cheap and tighten up when prices are high.

Myrspoven’s core product, myCoreAI, autonomously optimizes the operation of buildings so that property owners can better manage today’s volatile energy prices. Today’s energy climate makes it more difficult for property owners to manage buildings from a cost perspective. Myrspoven has therefore developed an add-on service to myCoreAI, called mySpot. Something that, for our customers, means they can optimize on savings in money and not just energy consumption.

We believe properties with heating/cooling machines can reduce their electricity costs by up to 30% with both energy optimization and spot control. With this information in mind, we asked Anders Kallebo, CEO of Myrspoven, how he sees the upcoming winter of 2022/23:

“Here in the Nordics, I think we are less protected than we would like to imagine. We already see new levels of volatile electricity prices, and it is still summer. I am thrilled that our technology is now capable of cost optimization with a 48-hour horizon. This allows our customers to take advantage of the strong price fluctuations and consume while the prices are low, while price-optimized usage is also exactly what the energy system needs.”

At Waterfront on 21 and 22 September, Myrspoven will participate in the Business Arena Stockholm. These days, proptech will take a more important place as it will be put in a larger context with topics such as ESG, climate, and energy.

Look for Myrspoven on the innovation floor: Hear more about our new services and how the property owners can be part of the solution to the energy capacity problem by using new technology. Discuss ESG or how you can better prepare for this winter. We hope to see you then!

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