The jury has decided! The 2022 BA Tech Award for the most innovative PropTech company goes to myrspoven! We also want to congratulate Sweco for winning in the other category, the most innovative real estate operator. 

The jury’s motivation of the most Innovative PropTech Company:

“The green transition is the great issue of our time. We know that work is slow and that the current energy crisis, in particular, raises questions. The real estate industry has a big responsibility to improve efficiency and cut emissions, and here the hope lies very much in implementing new technologies and innovations. Today’s winners have impressively taken up the challenge of making the sector more energy efficient and creating a clear basis for decision-making in Sweden and internationally.”

Myrspoven’s myCoreAI is our state-of-the-art energy management and optimization solution and is at the heart of what we do at Myrspoven. Our product autonomously optimizes buildings in real-time through artificial intelligence, machine learning, and deep learning and saves up to 25% of the energy consumption in buildings. 

Winter is coming – don’t be afraid to take action! Get in touch to learn more about how myCoreAI optimizes energy consumption while keeping a steady indoor climate, saving money, energy, and the planet.

Using myCoreAI makes property owners a part of the solution to the energy crisis, lowering the peaks in energy demand, which is just what the energy system needs.

Thank you all for the support!