Myrspoven’s core solution for energy optimization – myCoreAI – will soon be operating in the building Forskaren 1, located in the university city of Lund. The system optimizes heating, cooling, and ventilation by controlling and connecting to the building’s control system. It also takes in other data such as weather, energy tariffs and prices, energy meters and temperature, CO2, and humidity readings from indoor sensors placed on the premises.

-Myrspoven has developed an AI solution for energy optimization in buildings. Besides saving energy and costs, the solution can also shift loads to when the energy system is less loaded, reducing nonrenewable energy use and solving the grid’s capacity shortage. These types of services can make buildings part of the solution to the energy crisis,” says Elin Allison, CMO at Myrspoven.

MyCoreAI has learned how to best optimize Forskaren 1. Therefore, it sends optimized signals every fifteen minutes to the building to maintain the best indoor climate while using the least amount of energy.

-We are pleased to announce that we at Estea have entered into a partnership with Myrspoven. The solution we will implement to our research facility is indeed the right step in the transition towards a digitalized real estate industry, says Filip Bons Larsson, Sustainability Manager at Estea AB.

The Forskaren property contains lab and office space. It is located along the so called Knowledge Arc in Lund, in the heart of the large life science cluster over the Öresund region.