Approximately 40% of the world’s CO2 emissions come from the Real Estate industry. The Swedish impact company, Myrspoven, optimizes buildings using AI technology connected to the control systems for electricity, heating, cooling, and ventilation in properties. With the vision of reducing the global real estate industry’s overall carbon footprint by 1%, Myrspoven is working to make a real difference.

The real estate company Revelop operates under the principle of harnessing and expanding upon existing resources rather than engaging in new construction in order to minimize the consumption of finite resources. By renovating and prolonging the lifespan of older buildings, Revelop generates sustainable economic, ecological, and social benefits. Calle Henriksson, Head of Proptech & Digitalization at Revelop, states,
-“We often describe our approach as taking old, overlooked brown buildings and transforming them into green spaces.” This strategy proves to be even more advantageous than constructing a new, environmentally friendly building when considering the entire life cycle of the structure.

Significant energy and cost savings
To optimize and environmentally certify a property according to today’s stringent sustainability requirements, Revelop needs to address the most significant energy consumption areas. With Myrspoven’s myCoreAI, Revelop can save energy and also receive contributions to environmental certification systems. Data from the building’s control systems, as well as from other relevant sources such as weather forecasts, temperature, and carbon dioxide levels, are collected by myCoreAI. The AI then learns how the indoor climate of the building is affected by these different factors and optimizes accordingly.

Myrspoven’s solutions optimize not only how much energy is used but also when it is used.
– “Being able to heat the building when electricity prices are lower can result in significant cost savings,” says Elin Allison, CMO at Myrspoven. Buildings are excellent at maintaining heat, so heating when it is cheaper and allowing the building to retain the heat during peak hours is possible without any negative impact on the indoor climate. Moreover, this is exactly what the energy system needs.

Revelop has seen a remarkable reduction in energy consumption for the properties in their portfolio equipped with Myrspoven’s scalable solution.
– “In the properties where myCoreAI has been operational for two years, we have achieved 15-40% energy savings” Calle says. As the AI continues to learn, the results only get better. If you install myCoreAI today, you can expect payback within 1-1.5 years.

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