It’s official. We’re Techarenan finalists 2022 – Myrspoven AB will navigate its way to Gotland during Almedalsveckan in July.

At Myrspoven, we have one goal – to reduce the real estate industry’s carbon footprint by 1% globally. Through the application of advanced artificial intelligence to the building technology environment, we can make buildings smarter and more energy-efficient without the need for new hardware. 

With this vision together with our unique software solution, that optimizes a building’s technical control systems, we made the final round of the Techarena Challenge. We are honored to be among 30 innovative and exciting companies. 

We are motivated by the fact that 20% of global greenhouse gas emissions are emitted by buildings, and HVAC systems contribute to more than 50% of these. Unless these gases are seriously addressed, they will only continue to rise, with damaging effects on our climate and the environment. This is where Myrspoven steps in. Because of this, we believe that Almedalen is a vital place for our vision to be communicated.

Come see us in Almedalen at the Techarena Challenge 2022