Since the beginning of the year, SISAB’s schools, already equipped with Myrspovens’s AI solution myCoreAI (also known as SOLIDA), have raised the bar for energy efficiency even more. This has been achieved through Myrspoven’s latest additional service for power peak control, myCap. The development has made the district heating usage even smarter and more dynamic, contributing to a more efficient management of the energy resources of the school buildings.

The new approach, initiated a year ago, has already yielded results. SISAB has, by recommendation from Myrspoven, selected a self-chosen power cap for 160 schools and preschools.

“By implementing Myrspoven’s smart AI solutions at scale across our schools, we’ve unlocked impressive savings. Within district heating alone, we saved 5.5 million kronor in 2023, without jeopardizing the indoor climate for our students”, says Erica Eriksson, Energy & Climate Strategist, SISAB.

How it works

The goal is to decrease the extraction of heat from district heating on cold days to avoid unnecessary strain of the district heating grid, while simultaneously streamlining energy usage and reducing costs.

It is all based on insights from myCoreAI, which, together with myCap, recommends an optimized cut-off power value for each unique building. The district heating usage is then optimized to stay below the new power cap. Since a building’s power peaks determine the power tariff, cutting these peaks leads to a more dynamic energy usage, resulting in reduced power costs.

Power peak control.

In the case of SISAB, this practically means that each unique building is allocated an energy budget for each day, representing the available energy for use over 24 hours. myCap forecasts the needs for both energy consumption and indoor climate up to 48 hours ahead. For example, approaching the evening and a forecast indicating cold weather with increased heating demand the next day, myCap starts to adjust the heating day ahead, as long as there is space left within the energy budget. This strategy enables a more even energy usage and thus contributes to minimizing high power peaks and costs.

Buildings as dynamic players

“Myrspoven’s vision is to make buildings dynamic players in a modern energy system with our services, and myCap is a prime example of when we reduce the energy demand during system stress, contributing to less reliance on non-renewable energy sources. It’s exactly what both the system and the planet need,” says Björn Ilestrand, Product Owner at Myrspoven.

The primary purpose of power control through myCap is not to save energy but to cut power peaks and create a more dynamic energy usage. This means that essentially the same amount of energy is used. The difference is that, through insights from forecasting, power can be increased at the right times, at a lower cost, with continued maintenance of good indoor climate.

A crucial factor for applying the power control method is that the district heating supplier’s pricing model creates incentives to efficiently control energy usage based on the grid’s specific conditions.

For 2024, the plan is to use the same method and introduce a power cap for more than 200 school buildings. This is expected to generate cost efficiencies of over 9 million kronor, while the indoor climate remains unaffected. The cost savings will be used for other improvement measures in the approximately 600 school buildings around Stockholm. 

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