Myrspoven recognizes the importance of sustainable energy consumption associated with WWF‘s Earth Hour initiative. A subject that has become increasingly important for a sustainable future is sustainable energy consumption. Moreover, reducing energy consumption does not only lowers costs but also improves the environment locally and globally. Today, plenty of solutions enable companies to reduce their carbon footprint.

The reasons for Earth Hour are many, and everyone is doing it for different reasons; however, the result and goal are all the same. Myrspoven took Earth Hour as an opportunity to show strength in numbers together with Mats Carlqvist and Erica Eriksson from SISAB. In a joint effort, we turned off the energy consumption of 49 schools and preschools to collaborate on Earth Hour with the Sthlmflex project. 

The hope is that Sthlmflex will be an even more attractive platform next year and more participants to partake next year. If you didn’t participate this year in either Sthlmflex or Earth Hour, this is a friendly reminder to take them both as an opportunity to show the potential and the desire to use energy sustainably. There is no competition in this; by engaging, you show the potential in working together and that achieving the climate goals is actually within reach by applying small actions and solutions to your specific needs.

Click here for more information about [Earth Hour] & [StockholmFlex]

Earth Hour will return on the last Saturday of March 2023…