Myrspoven was Founded in 2017, it converges two different industries: Energy and Information Technology (IT). Our business concept is to help the real estate industry (and their associates) to save energy by taking advantage of the latest implementations on Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics. Our vision is to globally contribute to the real estate industry’s reduction of the carbon footprint of non-renewable kilowatt per hours by 1%. Through our broad expertise of team members, Myrspoven has the tools, competence and driving force required to achieve this goal!

The company was founded by:

Anders Kallebo (CEO), who has a background as an engineer with experience in energy efficiency in the real estate industry

Johan Brunius  with a background in IT, Artificial Intelligence and optimization theory.

First place in Tech Arenan Challenge 2022

Social Impact Company of the year

Myrspoven pioneering the real estate industry by optimizing energy usage.

Artificial intelligence is transforming the world in many ways, from cars and drones, to smart homes. Now, Myrspoven is revolutionizing the real estate industry by using AI to optimize energy usage in buildings.

First place in BA Tech Award 2022

The most innovative PropTech company for the year

The jury has decided! The 2022 BA Tech Award for the most innovative PropTech company goes to myrspoven! We also want to congratulate Sweco for winning in the other category, the most innovative real estate operator.

The jury’s motivation of the most Innovative PropTech Company:

“The green transition is the great issue of our time. We know that work is slow and that the current energy crisis, in particular, raises questions. The real estate industry has a big responsibility to improve efficiency and cut emissions, and here the hope lies very much in implementing new technologies and innovations. Today’s winners have impressively taken up the challenge of making the sector more energy efficient and creating a clear basis for decision-making in Sweden and internationally.”

members of the board

Ingrid Stenmark

Richard Lindqvist

Petri Penttinen

Ali Najafbagy

Anders Kallebo

CEO, co-founder

Johan Brunius