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I find Myrspoven very competent and committed to the projects we have implemented.
Myrspoven's technology is innovative and a natural step forward in the technical development of our properties.

A bit unexpected, we do not only save energy, we have also got an improved indoor climate and learned about faults and weaknesses that we did not previously know about regarding the heating system.

I believe in this technology! In addition, we are extra excited about taking part in the upcoming ADR-project about load shifting in collaboration with utility companies.

Kristian KarlssonTechnical Director, Corem

By using AI technology, the work has been streamlined and operations are carried out with better control. The system controls, optimizes and analyzes the properties in real time using algorithms.

The work has resulted in good effects and results. The indoor environment has improved for teachers and students and the environmental impact has decreased. It has also meant a sharp reduction in the number of error reports, significantly lower electricity consumption and reduced costs.

There are great opportunities for other real estate companies to use the solution.

Mats CarlqvistProject Owner of SOLIDA at SISAB