Electricity and power shortages are a serious threat to the security of energy supply in Sweden. The real estate industry, which approximately accounts for more than one-third of Sweden’s total energy use, constitutes a significant impact factor. In addition, the increased electrification entails further pressure on the energy system.

Myrspovens AI

As a direct response to the above, myrspoven has developed an AI-based solution to save energy in buildings. The great energy saving potential lies in being able to use myrspoven’s technology to facilitate a cost-effective and scalable way to shift energy loads in time. Energy customers’ ability to handle production inequalities in electricity, district heating and cooling is of great importance in order to enable the expansion of renewable energy within the energy system.

The pilot

Due to this, myrspoven will start and run a full-scale pilot project on load shifting together with real estate and utility companies. Myrspoven’s AI-controlled optimization system will aggregate the buildings in order for them to collectively meet the need of flexibility from the utility companies. This solution has the potential to benefit real estate and utility companies as well as the environment and society at large.

Myrspoven’s vision and main driving force is to, together with the real estate industry, develop a universal and scalable solution to meet the energy systems’ increasing demand of flexibility in order to enable the conversion to a renewable energy system.

We especially want to thank our customers; SISAB, Klövern, Vasakronan, Uppsalahem and Novi for good collaboration and for providing us a solid base of knowledge to develop further.

We are currently looking for additional real estate and utility companies interested to participate our pilot. Join our journey in the creation of the roadmap to a more sustainable energy system!

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