Now it is finally time for us at Myrspoven to tell about a project we have started.

We have developed an optimization method that can be used to improve load switching on the energy system with the aim of reducing power peaks, avoiding peak loads and enabling a higher proportion of renewable energy in the system.

For this reason, together with real estate and energy companies, we will start a pilot project where the buildings of the real estate companies will be able to implement load switching with increased flexibility.

We currently have five real estate companies connected to our AI system. We are now looking for additional real estate and energy companies that want to participate in the project. Do you represent an energy or real estate company interested in participating?

Myrspoven has recruited Sofia Päivärinne to run this project. Sofia comes most recently from ÅF and holds a doctorate in Environmental Management and Engineering, with experience in logistics and management of energy efficiency.

More information about the project coming soon, keep an eye open!

Are you interested in knowing more or represent an energy or real estate company willing to participate? Contact Sofia directly at, tel: 073 – 738 84 77

 Myrspoven – Together we reduce energy consumption in Sweden

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