Have you ever been cold at your workplace or experienced the air as hot or dry in the office? A good work environment and indoor climate goes hand in hand. Indoor climate can ultimately affect efficiency and the ability to do a good job.

We do not want to feel like we are working in the cold room at the nearest grocery store when we sit and press a keyboard. When it comes to sedentary work, such as offices, there are clear guidelines for what the temperature should be. The temperature, now that we are leaving autumn behind us, should be within the range of 20-24 °C. However, temperature alone is not the sole factor that has to meet a certain level for you to be able to feel well and do a good job. The CO2 (carbon dioxide) levels must be monitored since they must not exceed 1000 ppm which is the absolute maximum level recommended for indoor climate. The ideal level of carbon dioxide indoor is 600-800ppm. To put things in perspective, it is usually said that the air outside is at about 400ppm. If the limit of 1000ppm is exceeded it is not entirely unbelievable that the tenants experience headaches, irritated mucous membranes, or having difficulties concentrating. A building’s ventilation system can not remove all pollutants in the air, but its task is primarily to ensure that CO2 is at the right level.

If a building does not meet the correct levels of clean air or temperature, the next step is to push the real estate owners for the implementation of Myrspoven. No, but jokes aside, employers and landlords have a responsibility to systematically examine the work environment to address any aspects that may interfere with tenants’ comfort. Therefore, it is most appropriate to contact either the landlord or arbetsmiljöupplysningen.

Myrspoven and customer satisfaction score (CSAT)

Myrspoven was admittedly born out of the focus on energy efficiency and climate impact. But as Myrspovens solution and vision continuously was developed, it became clear that it’s possible to scale up added values as well. Increasing comfort and helping our customers reach a high customer satisfaction score is now becoming a core issue as energy and cost savings of buildings was from the beginning. In many of our active buildings we have a daily communication with our customers to ensure that the work environment maintains the right standard. In the area of ​​occupational health care and according to arbetsmiljöupplysningen criterias, we are looking for the positive effects Myrspovens AI can contribute with in order to increases the comfort for the tenants.

“Many of our active buildings today are schools and it feels safe for us to know that our vision for climate aid creates added value and comfort for the climate heroes of the future.” – Tobias Björk Andersson, Business developer

Myrspoven is a means to an end for property owners and companies when it comes to the work of a sustainable indoor climate. The indoor air required for the well-being and comfort of tenants and staff is not something we can ignore. With Myrspoven as a solution, you do not only get a hold of the indoor climate, but it is a major investment in cost efficiency and the well-being of the climate.