Stockholm, July 23, 2023 – In an impressive feat, Myrspoven, a leading player in property technology (proptech), has been declared the winner of the prestigious 2023 Proptech Breakthrough Awards. The company’s advancements in artificial intelligence have earned it a coveted accolade in the category of Artificial Intelligence Innovation.

Proptech Breakthrough Awards, renowned for celebrating industry-leading companies and technologies that revolutionize the real estate sector, are another testament to Myrspoven’s dedication to innovation and sustainability. These awards spotlight organizations that have taken significant strides to propel the real estate sector into the future through innovative technological solutions.

Myrspoven’s success stems from its pursuit of merging AI with industry expertise from the real estate sector. The foundational service, myCoreAI, is a software solution for property optimization that continually aims for minimal energy consumption while maintaining indoor comfort levels. Through additional services, users can also optimize energy consumption during periods of lower electricity prices and strategically manage energy loads during peak times to enhance savings.

The vision since inception has been to reduce the real estate sector’s carbon footprint by 1% through AI and machine learning. Being recognized in the Artificial Intelligence Innovation Awards category is a validation that the technology is on the right track and that development is heading in the right direction.

Stay tuned to Myrspoven’s ongoing efforts in energy optimization and how we will integrate AI and innovative technological solutions to shape the future of the real estate industry.

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