Why are we named after the myrspoven bird? 

The bar-tailed godwit (Limosa Lapponica), or Myrspoven as we call it in Sweden, is one of nature’s most praiseworthy innovators in energy efficiency. 

Myrspoven is a long-legged, long-beaked wader that nests on the tundra in northern Eurasia and northwestern Alaska. Some populations of the species conduct some of the longest non-stop flights out of all bird species. Some individuals complete flights between Alaska to New Zealand of 11,000 km, and a trip like that can take up to ten days!

Research on these individuals shows that they save energy during their long-haul flights in ways no other bird would be able to. By preserving fat reserves during the flight, they turn themselves into the most energy-efficient long flighter globally.

“Just like Myrspoven itself, we are masters of conserving energy and smart route finding!”

-Anders Kallebo, CEO Myrspoven.

At Myrspoven, we will always aspire to be as efficient as this natural species. We all have much to learn, and these birds show us the true potential of energy efficiency.