After four years as a “start-up,” a “scale up” period is approaching. We have grown a lot on many fronts that apply not only to recruitment. We have also progressed as a company since our technology is constantly evolving. We believe that the mutual effort that we are putting in, together with our customers, creates a foundation for a green adaptation in the energy and real estate industry.

In 2021, we moved to a new, larger office that feels more and more like our workplace. We made our debut by exhibiting at the real estate fair in 2021. An event that was incredibly valuable, fun to meet customers and partners face to face again after months behind the scenes.

1, We have increased our teams with 14 new employees on the recruitment front. We are now up to 30 employees, and we look back on almost a doubling in strength. We look forward to another substantial increase in 2022.

We have now expanded our competence with several senior data scientists with extensive experience in machine learning. The AI ​​team is ready to hoist more sails to develop Myrspovens AI to the next level. The backend has also gotten reinforcements as we expand the team with this phenomenal talent. We received much competence from the real estate industry in the form of some up-and-coming people: a senior operations engineer, an automation technician, and a sharp energy engineer. The sales team has also received a boost! We are still looking for a senior developer who will build new client-facing applications in the front-end developer role. Got tips, or are you interested? 

2, We have also stretched ourselves a little extra and have landed abroad in a collaboration. Myrspoven has entered the International market and started a project in the Czech Republic during the autumn. A shopping center is now being operated with Myrspoven’s technology. This is a good collaboration that shows the effectiveness of our cloud-based service. Who knows which country we will take on next?

3, We launched, or should we call it, upgraded our AI to 4.0. This meant new functions and additions in the form of AI 4, knowing what the BMS system would have done without us and using that information in its calculations. We no longer need to go through the Database but use an API to streamline things. The new function is the ability to autoscale, and this means that the initiating process of 1000 buildings requires the same amount of time as if we were to start up one facility. But also, there are a lot more minor fixes.

We leave an essential and productive 2021 behind us and enter 2022 with much energy and drive to start this year and work even harder towards our vision.