the future of building management

From something starting out as very manual, building management has evolved to something close to autonomous. But even if the underlying system is autonomous, we still see human interaction with the system unlocking even greater savings.

Myrspoven has therefore made myCoreAI interactive if that is what the customer prefers, and autonomous otherwise. Our 48 hr prediction visualizes what the AI is planning and gives possibility to intervene if the user wants to. We  feel it is important to keep the customer in full control and give them the ability to decide what freedom the AI should have.

Myrspoven has taken a holistic approach to energy optimization and optimizes all possible system in the building in one single algorithm, with no risk of sub-optimizing. The result is a future proof solution where we are already working on next generation in building managemant, virtual sub-metering, with no need for additional hardware, and where we are ready for when buildings become assets in a fully functioning, scalable energy flex market.