G City Europe (formerly Atrium European Real Estate) achieves great energy savings in a short time with Myrspoven’s myCoreAI solution

Energy cost and carbon footprint are at
the front of the mind of real estate owners worldwide. And it’s no different for Ondřej Jirák, COO (CZ/SK) at G City Europe (formerly Atrium European Real Estate).

“we have to keep operating expenses within acceptable ranges for our clients while maintaining a certain level of comfort in our buildings” 

“As a landlord, we face many challenges in today’s energy environment, particularly because of the high cost of energy, especially natural gas. At the same time, we have to keep operating expenses within acceptable ranges for our clients while maintaining a certain level of comfort in our buildings,” Ondřej explains.Apart from cost, G City Europe also works with ESG initiatives, which means that their corporate strategy focuses on the three pillars of ESG: the environment, social, and governance. This means taking measures to lower pollution and CO2 emissions and reduce waste.

“we are constantly investing in improving our buildings to lower energy consumption”

“We set our ESG targets a couple of years ago, and one of them is reducing our energy consumption by 25% in 2025 compared to 2019. These are very challenging targets; therefore, we are constantly investing in improving our buildings and their equipment to lower energy consumption as much as possible.” Ondřej continues.

To reduce the tenants’ operating costs, reach their highly set ESG targets, and ultimately reduce their carbon footprint, G City Europe started to look into solutions for energy optimization. Due to Myrspoven’s hardware-free and fast set-up core solution, myCoreAI was chosen for a pilot project for the Atrium Flora building. The building, located in central Prague, CZ, combines office space with a big shopping center, with a total of 39’800 sqm.

The integration into the building management system started in November 2021 and finished within two weeks. The AI algorithm was trained in December 2021, and by mid-January 2022, myCoreAI was ready to start the energy optimization of the building. myCoreAI reads data from the building management system, data from sensors for temperature, humidity, and CO2, placed in the building, and other relevant data such as energy tariffs, energy meter data, weather data, and social data. By analyzing all this data for 30 days, myCoreAI learns the optimized steering profile for any specific building. When myCoreAI starts, it sends new optimized signals to the building management system every 15 minutes, much more frequently than a human would. The system will then optimize towards keeping an optimal indoor climate using the least amount of energy possible.

myCoreAI runs autonomously, but the savings will only increase if the operation technician uses it as a tool to help prioritize their efforts where they are most needed. Furthermore, myCoreAI identifies bottlenecks in the building where manual intervention might be required.

“nine months into the pilot, we have achieved impressive savings in energy and natural gas”

“So far, nine months into the pilot, we have achieved impressive savings in energy and natural gas consumption, while the indoor comfort in the building has not been compromised. And this building is complex since we have two different types of tenants, both office and retail, who don’t have the same requirements in terms of indoor climate, but myCoreAI handles that very well.” Ondřej says.

myCoreAI runs entirely in the cloud with no hardware attached. The only prerequisite for running the solution is the building being connected to the internet. myCoreAI integrates with any building management system, and the integration is smooth and fast. The solution is, therefore, easy to scale across portfolios.

“The integration into our existing BMS was fairly easy for us as a customer since no hardware was needed, and I think it took only about a month to have it all up and running. We are planning to continue with myCoreAI at Flora mall in Prague and potentially extend our cooperation to other buildings in our portfolio”, Ondřej adds.

Savings 2022 vs 2019 Adjusted by occupancy & outside temperature:

  • electricity common – 25%
  • electricity tenants – 11%
  • natural gas – 15%
  • indoor climate 👍

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